NFT Express

Modified on Tue, 01 Nov 2022 at 09:32 AM

Tatum NFT Express allows you to mint NFTs without coding, deploying smart contracts, sending private keys, or holding crypto to pay for gas fees. Tatum NFT Express also serves as the engine for our NFT Minter on Tatum Dashboard.


  1. Mint as many NFTs as you want on several blockchains using Tatum’s smart contracts.
  2. Gas fees are deducted from the monthly credit allowance of your paid plan. 
  3. No need to deploy your own smart contracts.
  4. No need to work with private keys.
  5. No need to hold crypto or keep addresses topped up with crypto to pay for gas fees on each blockchain.

NFTs minted via NFT Express use Tatum's Smart Contract. Meaning, they are grouped under "TATUM GENERAL NFT (TATUM_NFT)". More information is available at the following link.

Minting NFTs without Tatum NFT Express

Currently, to use standard NFTs and put them to work, mint them, and more means considering a few things before you can even start.

  • You must buy and hold crypto to pay for the gas fees - Which can lead to regulatory difficulties for enterprises. Some banks may even freeze your account if you try to buy crypto.
  • You need to hold crypto on every blockchain on which you want to mint NFTs - This can be a logistical challenge when minting NFTs on a mass scale.
  • You need to deploy smart contracts to mint NFTs on each blockchain - This can be both complicated and expensive.
  • You need to deal with security issues with private keys to mint NFTs
  • You need to address performance issues - Minting a single NFT is OK. But can you mint one million NFTs in 24 hours?
  • You need an API key with a paid Tatum plan to use NFT Express on the mainnet - Visit the Tatum Dashboard to sign up for one.

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