NFT - Provenance, Royalties and Cashback

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Tatum has NFT smart contracts that record metadata about each transaction every time the token is transferred. The token's entire transaction history is included in the token itself and its authenticity can be verified quickly and easily.

Find the related endpoint at the following link.

Royalties & Cashback

Tatum royalty NFTs are ERC-721 tokens with specialized smart contracts that pay creators cashback with each subsequent transaction. They can either pay a fixed amount of cashback or cashback percentages via enabling the boolean provenance and using either cashbackValues or fixedValues.

For information on creating NFTs with percentage cashback and provenance data, please see this guide. Find the related endpoint at the following link.

If you want to distribute the royalties with multiple addresses, you will need to create and deploy your own Smart Contract. After that, you may use Tatum endpoints to mint the NFTs using that SC.

The royalty functionality is currently incompatible with OpenSea and must be transferred using smart contract methods not supported within the platform. As soon as OpenSea allows this standard and method calls, our royalty NFTs will be compatible with the platform.

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