Virtual Account - Withdrawals from Master Exchange Address

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 03:57 PM

There are two withdrawal methods from a Virtual Account:

  • From a Virtual Account deposit address
  • From a Master Exchange Address

Additional information is available at the following link.

Steps for Virtual Account asset withdrawal from Exchange Master Address

  1. Store information about withdrawal
    • Check the id of the Virtual Account, the available balance or the UTXO balance
    • Decrease the amount and fees from the Virtual Account
    • Prepare transaction to broadcast transfer to the blockchain
  2. Blockchain transfer
    • Standard blockchain transfer from address to address
    • Verify the result of the transfer
  3. Complete/Rollback
    • IF blockchain transfer fails - rollback VA balance
    • ELSE complete withdrawal


  1. User_A: VirtualAccount_A balance is 0 MATIC.
  2. User_A: DepositAddress_A connected to VirtualAccount_A receives 3 MATIC.
    • VirtualAccount_A balance is now 3 MATIC.
  3. Exchange_Owner: Transfers 3 MATIC from DepositAddress_A to MasterBlockchainAddress.
  4. User_A: Withdraws and transfers 3 MATIC from VirtualAccount_A to VirtualAccount_B owned by User_B.
    • Endpoint: Send payment
    • VirtualAccount_A balance is now 0 MATIC.
    • VirtualAccount_B balance is now 3 MATIC.
  5. User_B: Withdraws to transfer out 3 MATIC from VirtualAccount_B  to an unrelated blockchain address.
    1. Exchange_Owner: Store withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal
    2. Exchange_Owner: Standard blockchain transfer via: Send MATIC from account to account
    3. Exchange_Owner: Completes or Cancels the withdrawal
      1. Complete withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal/{id}/{txId}
      2. Cancel withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal/{id}

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